I visited Japan with my friend a couple of years ago, for a little over 2 weeks. We covered the popular Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto route, but decided to try to find some cherry blossoms in Takayama, a smaller city in the Japanese Alps. We managed to see some cherry blossoms (mainly on the train), but we still enjoyed our time there. I wanted to share some pictures I took while on a stroll through the town.

Takayama train station

The day started out gray and gloomy. My friend wanted to sleep in, so I went out on my own and grabbed something to eat at a convenience store.

Walking through town
The Miyagawa river

There were vendors along the river and I bought sarubobo dolls to take home as souvenirs. These dolls are traditional to the town of Takayama and are used as a charm for protection from bad things and a happy home and family life.

Sarubobo dolls photo by Pixhound/Shutterstock

Sat down by the river to have breakfast

Maybe it’s because the type of foliage that grows were I live, but I find that plants in Japan just look more vibrant. I took a bunch of photos of flowers to show to my grandma, they make her happy. So I was just walking around town, photographing random bushes and plants.

Takayama was a wonderful break from all the hustle and bustle of Osaka and the huge crowds in Kyoto.

Another plant photo… for good measure
View from the Nakabashi Bridge
Nakabashi Bridge

The Nakabashi Bridge is a symbol of Takayama. It is a popular spot for viewing cherry blossoms in the spring. Sadly, when we got there, there was only a couple of late bloomers remaining. Still, this is a beautiful road to walk by during any season.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures of my solo walk through Takayama. My friend joined me for dineer and we had Hida beef, a variety of wagyu beef. I am not a meat lover, but, to this day, this has been the softest, butteriest piece of meat I have ever had.

Have you been to Takayama? What was your experience like?

Posted by:Mariela Seijas

One thought on “A Rainy Day in Hida Takayama, Japan

  1. Beautiful! I loved your pictures of flowers and trees! I also went to Japan 2 years ago and absolutely loved it!! I also find that for some reason even the most “normal” plants there look so nice, same thing for tiny little streets that are probably very common to the people living there, for me they were absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing 😍

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